Sourcing Birds

Make sure you source the right birds from a reputable supplier. A good recommendation is Kenchic’s pre-vaccinated broiler birds.

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Housing & Biosecurity

Before bringing the chicks to your farm make sure your poultry house is built away from human traffic and provide PPE’s, dips and sanitization stations at the entrance of the poultry house to enhance biosecurity.

The house should also be built in an East West direction with double sided ventilation to reduce heat and allow free flow of air.


Feeding Equipment (Open Ventilated Houses)

Provide good drinkers and feeders from a reputable supplier.

  1. One bell drinker (40cms diameter) should serve no more than 80 birds and it should not be more than 3 meters apart.
  2. Nipple system (with/without cups) should serve no more than 7 birds and it should not be more than 35cm apart.
  3. A chick tray should serve no more than 75-100 chicks depending on their size. Both chick trays and chick papers (if used) should be removed on Day 5.
  4. Pan-feeders (30cms diameter) should serve no more than 50 birds and it should not be more than 3 meters apart.


Day Old Chicks

After the chicks come from the hatchery they cannot regulate their own heat. Make sure you provide brooders to help them with this. Gas brooders are preferred for their efficiency and environmental conservation. Add Vigosine (dietary supplement in their drinking water for the first 3 days.

Water acidification using Selko-pH can as well be mixed with the drinking water upon chick’s arrival and continued throughout the rearing period with exception of days for water based vaccination, medication and vitamins if necessary. These measures helps to alleviate stress induced due to transportation and/or heat as they acclimatize to their new surroundings and give the chicks an excellent start to growth.

Day 0 – 10

Feed the chicks Fugo Fast-Gro Advanced Starter Crumbs free choice for the first 10 days. Usually the consumption is 300gms per bird.

The feed particles are well sized to promote intake for fast weight gain and an excellent uniformity in the chicks.


Day 11 -24

At this stage the birds require good spacing as they are getting bigger and therefore, good curtain management for better ventilation.

Feed the birds Fugo Fast-Gro Advanced Grower Pellets. Usually feed consumption is up to 1270gms per bird. It is however advised to feed the bird free choice. To help with early weight gain and to aid in proper skeletal development.


Day 25 – Slaughter

At this stage the birds need very good ventilation to cool their bodies as they are rapidly adding weight and generating a lot of heat. A routine litter aeration practice is therefore paramount to reduce generation of excess waste gases.

Feed the birds Fugo Fast-Gro Advanced Finisher Pellets. Usually a bird will feed 1790gms if expected to be slaughtered at Day 35 with an expected live weight of 2kgs. The feed provides for an excellent premium quality meat, without undesirable taints.

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