Tea farmers today have finally taken charge of the future and direction of the Tea sector in Kenya through the elections of KTDA directors, which started with the nullification of the fraudulent election of KTDA factory directors in 2019, through the action of 3 tea farmers.

The signing of THE TEA Bill into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta reassured over 600,000 tea farmers in Kenya of radical policy and structural reforms to the tea sector, assuring farmers of better returns through the purging of cartels and middlemen, overhauling old and tired leadership at KTDA and factories, and forcing KTDA to focus on marketing and value addition.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured the tea farmers of his commitment to the full implementation of the bill through Executive Order No 3 of 2021, which recognized the need for the realignment of KTDA in favor of small scale farmers directed the Attorney General to conduct an inquiry into a conflict of interest in KTDA and sets limit fo KTDA directors and chairmen. The president further directed that the Cabinet Secretary for Interior & Co-ordination of National Government, jointly with the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Co-operatives, and the Hon. Attorney-General, ensure the immediate and full implementation of the order.

Starting today, tea farmers will follow a strict timetable given by Hon Peter Munya, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and cooperatives, with Muranga farmers taking the lead in Njunu, Nduti, Makomboki, Ikumbi, Githambo & Kanyenyaini tea factories. The Ministry of Interior further issued an order to county commissioners to ensure order and security during these historical elections.

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The Kenya Tea Sector Lobby urges the tea farmers to take this historical opportunity to vote in only credible directors who have the interest of the farmers at heart. Every farmer has an equal right to a credible election, through the One Man One vote system that removed the ability for manipulation of the elections.

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