After hatching, chicks take longer time for them to start feeding on their own. Thus, poultry farmers are encouraged to give chicks liquid paraffin ( not the petroleum based paraffin which is termed as kerosene).

Here are the benefits of giving liquid paraffin to day old chicks;

  1. It increases chicks’ appetite in the process.
  2. The highly refined liquid helps to lubricate the food pathway.
  3. It helps to increase the chances of survival of the chicks.
  4. It helps in clearing the throat in preparation for feed ingestion. This is through softening the throat as the oil is fine and smooth.
  5. As the oil moves down the digestive system, it clears the gut and pushes any particles downwards.
  6. It helps to reduce chances of constipation.

How liquid paraffin is administered?

The oil is poured on drinking water (preferably warm water). Water is denser than oil, the oil will form a layer, which makes it easier for chicks to pick it as they drink.
The liquid paraffin can also be used to get rid of pests which stick on Chicken skin, especially on the feet and around the eyes.
When the oil is mixed with petroleum jelly it suffocates the parasites to death by cutting oxygen supply.
For better results, it should be mixed with glucose and chick formula as well as vaccination.
The liquid can be found in supermarkets, cosmetic shops and agrovets.

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